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Reduce Your Home's Energy Consumption

Window awnings can reduce solar heat gain by up to 65% when installed on the south side

and up to 77% when installed on the west side of the building. This makes your awnings an investment

that will save you money year after year.




    Channel letters offer versatility with a touch of class. They can be constructed of metal and/or plastic

materials and lit with either neon or LED.  You may choose from a wide array of typefaces or the

material can be specially manufactured to match your logo.  Metal offers a classy look and is often

a key component in architectural signage.  You can be assured that we use the finest materials to provide

quality and satisfaction.  Plastic gives you the freedom to be creative, colorful, bold and beautiful. Plastic letters and

sign material can be easily formed to almost any shape in almost any color.





Drive your business with LED signage. Whether you need to display prices, on-premise advertising,

or branding, they deliver energy-efficient sign solutions that target key audiences and drive customers to purchase.

These signs can range from; full color to monochromatic, and full animated display to time and

temperature or fuel displays. Great for attracting people to  your business.





    Illuminated signs offer both dramatic as well as economical identification. They are available as flexible, rigid, flat or formed

 faces... weld or bolt frames together... daylight or fluorescent lamps... single face, double face or custom. 

We offer a wide variety of pole mounts, projecting mounts, and wall mounts.

    Let us discuss your identification needs with you. Your sign's design and size will be based upon the advertising job it

needs to do for you. We realize your sign is a business investment and you will have

our full cooperation in making sure that investment is a sound one.





Carved signs are a tasteful blend of weather-resistant construction and pleasant artistry, adaptable to any

environment.  Each sign is unique - designed and built for a specific indoor or outdoor location.  Trademarks,

copy, floral designs, signatures or crests can be blended into a commanding sign of your creation.  They can be embellished

decorations and provisions can be made for floodlighting.  Size, colors, design, materials and

mounting styles are adaptable to fulfill all of your personal needs and preferences.

Rapp Signs have met the demands of hundreds of businesses and private individuals. 

These signs are an excellent choice for entrance-ways, inns, restaurants, store fronts and more.





Vinyl films are a versatile, exciting and cost effective medium. We use all premium vinyls which

offer outstanding durability and color consistency. Vinyl films are available in a wide variety of colors,

as well as material types. Opaque vinyls are the most popular and are available in over 70 colors. We also have

translucent vinyl films for backlit signs, metallic, reflective and many more. 

Vinyl graphics and letters are quickly produced in-house. Our computer and scanner enables us to reproduce

logo/design from artwork you provide, or we can custom design logos and signs. Our cutting systems offer high-speed precision

cuts on artwork and letters to accommodate an array of sizes.

Vinyl films are an outstanding value and are intended for the production of attractive letters, logos and signs

for commercial and industrial application. Vinyl films are recommended for a wide variety of materials including glass, metal,

acrylic, polycarbonates, fiberglass, painted surfaces, posters and banners.



Banners, directories, neon, plaques, and much more.


Please contact us with any questions or to set-up a consultation.


Design Fabrication Install/Removal Service



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